Nuance® Power PDF

Compare deployment processes

Power PDF

  1. Download your master media pack from the link you have been emailed upon order.
  1. Enter your master PDF Licence key.
  1. Customise your users rights and toolset as required.
  1. Package using the push installation tool of your choice.
  1. Distribute to your users.
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  1. Use your specific user account and password to log in online.
  1. Request a download build.
  1. Wait for authorisation.
  1. Receive a download link via email.
  1. Enter your individual purchase key. When no master key is provided, an individual key must be entered for each user in your organisation.
  1. Customise your installation package.
  1. Push install software to your limited licensed users being careful not to illegally license unauthorised users.
  1. Register all users online.
  1. Register all users for support.
  1. Track all key installations on your provider’s website.
  1. Ensure monthly or yearly payments are made so services are not turned off without warning.